Sonic Review episode 1- Hozier

In this episode, WHJE’s Kate Fairman reviews four songs by the singer Hozier and provides background and interesting facts about the songs. The songs used in this episode are in order as follows:

Take Me to Church (2014)

Work Song (2014)

Jackie and Wilson (2014)

Arsonist’s Lullaby (2014)

Produced by Kate Fairman


4 Comments on “Sonic Review episode 1- Hozier”

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast because it was well produced. I especially enjoyed this music review because Hozier is an artist I listen to in my free time. And since she played an artist i love, it makes me want to continue listening to not only this music review but other reviews she produces. I liked how she gave background on the artist and gave facts instead of just options. The reporter did give her opinions but overall it was a good mixture of both evidence and opinion.

  2. There was a slight buzzing when the mic was on. The transition into the music was perfect. The background music fit perfect for the beginning. The brakes between the narrator talking were a little Town. Overall this was a good podcast

  3. The mic was buzzing at the start. After the buzzing the start was very strong. The transitions were very good. She lead the conversation and had very good information. This was a great review with lots of unknown information.

  4. I really loved this podcast. I love Hozier as an artist and I think Kate did a fantastic job throughout this. Like the above comments, I noticed a little buzzing at the start with the microphone, but otherwise I didn’t notice anything else. It was fantastic to listen to. The transitions were awesome and Kate definitely gave a Hozier a very good review.

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