Ambient – Melomania #5

On this podcast, we strive to listen carefully to music and examine how and why it’s made, but sometimes, music just isn’t meant to be noticed. This is ambient music. Think hold music, Muzak, and even the pop and classic rock they play in grocery stores—the kind of music that people label as “soulless” or “brainwashing.” Even though it seems like just another corporate invention to get people to buy more stuff, there’s actually a whole history of serious composers who saw value in this idea of what Brian Eno called music that’s “as ignorable as it is interesting.” Long story short: there’s a lot more to it than you would think.


2 Comments on “Ambient – Melomania #5”

  1. The vocal performance was really good, all the voice bits he recorded out at Kroger were really nicely recorded and very clear and didn’t sound like it was recorded at a Kroger. The writing style was also really cool how he put in a real life situation and then broke down the topic, dissecting and analyzing the topic to try and explain the topic of ambient music. The sound design was also good as the music was well mixed behind his voice and faded up and down as needed. The storytelling process was also good he fully explained and dissected the topic in tiny ‘bite/brain’ sized pieces.

  2. I honestly think that the beginning was quite funny, mainly the part that the mother says “Kroger” and then he goes on about how she sounds fake and he won’t use it, I mean obviously he did, but… It’s still funny the way they discussed it. I also like the music that’s played at 02:30, I feel that it flows and that it’s really smooth and would calm someone down or relax someone.

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