Beating The Bully

Being bullied can be extremely difficult and it happens every day. It takes a great toll on the people being bullied and it obviously impacts their everyday life. People underestimate how much a victim of bullying goes through. Bullying happens most often at school and we attend school five days a week. Imagine seeing a kid that makes you feel bad about yourself five days a week. This happens more than you think and the goal of this project is to spread the word about bullying “until there isn’t a kid in the world who would dare bully someone ever again!”

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  1. I like how the sentence length matches the tone; abrupt and upset. The train of thought correlates really well to the facts. It’s very informative and the speaker is involved and invested in his story. There are some hesitations, but the scripting is well thought through. The emphasis on how bullying PSA’s relate to todays radio stations really makes you want to do something about it.

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