Beneath the Melody Ep 4 – “Piano Man”

On this episode of Beneath the Melody, I am digging beneath the lyrics of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. By doing this, I will show the listeners the true meaning of the lyrics and message Billy is trying to portray throughout the song. I discuss how the setting takes place in a New York Bar where Billy Joel used to play at when still trying to make a name for himself. In the song, he discusses the usual crowd and what each person aspired for in life.


4 Comments on “Beneath the Melody Ep 4 – “Piano Man””

  1. I think that your podcast was really good. It was very interesting to learn about Billy Joel. I personally love this song and i didn’t know a separate meaning. You did a good job laying the music over your voice. Great job!

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. This is especially due to the mood you conveyed with your laid back, lower, and smooth style. That approach was 100% appropriate for this song and I applaud you for it. While the production appears simple, composed of just your voice and the song, that’s all you need for this topic. Adding other beds and sound effects would clutter up the podcast, so I appreciate your approach. Now, in terms of the content, I really enjoyed the little tidbits of facts that you gave here and there. I also love the depth that you reached when addressing a potential theme of unfulfilled dreams/potential. My only critique is that I wish you expanded upon these ideas more. Otherwise, this was a lovely experience.

  3. This is a very enjoyable podcast. Interpreting song lyrics is seemingly fun and a unique concept for a podcast. It is produced well overall, and this particular episode chose a good song to listen to. Some mixing is different here and there, where some vocals are louder than others at different parts. Otherwise, transitions are smooth and mixing is good. A great listen overall.

  4. This was a pretty good podcast, and sounds pretty professional. I liked how you added the music in the background while you were talking. You did a nice job of giving some history about Billy Joel and the song. You also did a good job at sounding smooth and had a good tone. So I think this was a good podcast it sounds really nice.

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