Beneath the Needle: Fuzz

Ben miller takes us on a journey through modern indie rock, with a more authentic twist, a show consisted only of vinyl records. This week we explore the thunderous sounds of the new San Francisco, garage rock trio – Fuzz – and their brand new lp – ii.

2 Comments on “Beneath the Needle: Fuzz”

  1. Finally tracked you down on line and not disappointed at your ability to be natural in an ad-lib way when talking about why you enjoy “The Fuzz”. Now that can get you on line will check in every now & then. Check your text messages from ol’ Poppie, left you a little something. Keep a tight chain on your end-gate!

  2. The broadcast was very captivating, you kept the interest of the audience throughout the whole show. The topic was not only interesting but engrossing. Never lost my attention.

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