Bite-Sized Existential Crisis EP. 2 Control Issues

Is your life really yours? How much control do you really have over your life? Welcome back to the podcast where I panic about the universe so you don’t have to. Fair warning: this is one hard pill to swallow.


8 Comments on “Bite-Sized Existential Crisis EP. 2 Control Issues”

  1. It was very Imaginative and you can tell that a lot of research went into this production. Your evidence and interpretation of said evidence is food for thought and leaves you coming away even more interested than when you started.

  2. This podcast was not what I thought it would be at all. The opening story of 9/11 was not what I expected in this podcast. The cheerful music behind talking about no control was actually kinda hilarious because you are taking a horrible fact that we have no control with such happy music behind it. This podcast is amazing and also horrible because now I’m worried I have a false memory.

  3. The podcaster’s voice is very soothing to listen to; it provides emphasis on important concepts and flows naturally. The podcast as a whole is a great concept- the theme and topics are interesting and unique. The podcast starts a conversation and causes listeners to continue to think about the topic (for this episode, control). It’s memorable and makes me want to continue listening to other podcasts in the series. Well produced and thought out, it’s a type of podcast that I would listen to when wanting to relax.

  4. This show gave me a bite-sized existential crisis, thanks. The reflections on life and our tiny decisions really made me wonder if I have ever unintentionally done something like this if I had left 3 min earlier for school could I have been T-Boned by a Semi running a red light, wow.

  5. One of the most notable things about this podcast is the fact that your voice remains calm and easy going, if not even a bit optimistic while talking about such a horrific event in the begining. The entire set up in the begining about 9/11 is a good transition into the existential topic about not having any control over our own lives and especially memory. Although the thought does occur to me, could our personality also be out of our control as well? Wouldn’t our personality be influenced by how we’re raised and our experiences making our own personality not truly who we are? Anyway, amazing podcast and very nice editing!

  6. I love your podcasts, they truly tell a story. The music, the lives of these people…I honestly enjoy it every time! Great job 🙂 -ep 2 bite-sized

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