Breaking Point Week 48: Smart Toilets are a thing in Japan…

Jackson and Ethan are exploring all things around the world from Smart Toilets in Japan to the possible great wall of Texas! Every Thursday afternoon from 4;30-6:00 on 91.3 WHJE.

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  1. On this episode of the Breaking Point, they touched on many topics including legal debates about Usain Bolt and his legal issues. While talking about this it remained professional and did not share too much of their opinions in the story. They are also use many unique stories that get the listener’s attention. The way they tell the stories with interest, makes the listener feel like they are being talked to and it makes them more involved and more invested in the story. The sound design really just had small cuts to another story and other little sound effects here and there. The vocals were very clear and crisp. You can hear each speaker clearly and has good diction.

  2. I thought the way they told the story about the coffee was cool. And then they transitioned to the news story of the week was really good. I also like how they relate to the stories. You can hear them really well which is very important.

  3. This episode was very professional in ethical and legal requirement, while still very entertaining and not being afraid to be themselves. The storytelling process wasn’t bad, but at times I found them to be a little bit spontaneous to the point where it became hard to follow the stories at times. Considering the show was done live, the writing was minimal yet you could still hear a well defined structure in the overall show. Sound design was very well done, extra effects were well placed and audio felt very consistent in production value. The vocals were extremely well done, with attention to detail that sounds completely natural and flows very organically.

  4. The legal and ethical decisions were smart they, stayed in their legal limits and did not do anything legally wrong. The way they told the stories made it short and simply and it usually was very conversational. They went from like important topics then to the funny topics of their lives and then like kinda go into the next topic. The writing style was unique you know they must have just had a few topics written down and just made a conversation off of it. That’s what made it so conversational. The sound design gave a few SFX every so often and it wasn’t so distracting like you would think. The vocal performance in this was so well. They are so conversational and does not sound scripted and make it a conversation.

  5. This episode was about a variety of subjects. The stories flowed really easily and there was a lot of energy. The vocal performances were really good, everyone spoke clearly and at a good speed. The topics they covered were interesting and entertaining. There were small transitions to separate each story and they kept the conversation flowing.

  6. I enjoyed the conversational tone and the interesting topics all of which were talked about in a legally and ethically sound way. It was easy to relate to because it wasn’t just national news it was also relatable. It was honestly hilarious. Everything was told at just the right amount of details and moved on at an easy pace. I liked the quick transitions but the SFX was a tad out of the blue. I really loved the way that everyone was comfortable and at times made me feel like I was in the middle of the conversation as well.

  7. In this episode, there were no violations of the legal and ethical decisions. I liked how they told their stories because they were very entertaining. The writing style was conversational and flowed with the story. The Sound design also fit in with the writing style and stories because the SFX were placed well. Everybody spoke clearly and was able to be understood.

  8. This episode was very engaging. The variety of stories was interesting and odd which I enjoyed. Everything sounded and felt professional. Sound design was great and everything sounds amazing.

  9. I thought everyone that spoke gave a lot of energy, and also were really clear when they spoke. I thought they were very conversational. They had a lot of unique stories that you wouldn’t really hear on an average day.

  10. It was really interesting to hear what other people thought about Angela. And i liked how all the background music was played by her which i thought was very impressive. The vocals were good and very clear. The story were really easy to follow and it was understandable because everything was well explained at the beginning of it.

  11. Many topics were included in this episode of the Breaking point. Their discussions stayed conversational and the stories were easy to follow. They also had a lot of energy and kept it professional.

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