Breaking Point Week 69: Freshman and UFO’s

For the first week in Breaking Point history we had on 3 guests to discuss some of the weirdest subjects ever! Freshman. Everyone knows that freshman are weird and unknowing, however, this one is either really dumb or really unobservant. We also discuss some strange things happening across the United States known as the UFO Highway Belt… Yes, I believe in aliens. If you want to read the stories were discussing for yourselves, the links are below.

2 Comments on “Breaking Point Week 69: Freshman and UFO’s”

  1. I really like that you can feel the joy and laugh along with the people. Also, I really enjoyed that they talked about everything, and then added their own commentary to news stories. Overall, it was very entertaining to listen to.

  2. This production sounds like a really podcast. I love how there were different guests on the show. Maybe letting the guests settle in a bit more. I like how everyone got to talk in the show. Overall I love the show great production.

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