Can Money Buy Happiness

It’s an age old question in our society, can money buy happiness? It’s a fierce battle on each side of the argument with no real answer being found: until now. Over the next 10 minutes a journey through scientific studies, billionaire anecdotes, and pop culture, will finally come to a conclusion on the daunting question once and for all. And hopefully by the end of it all, you will be a little more aware of how money relates to happiness too.

7 Comments on “Can Money Buy Happiness”

  1. This article has a very strong topic that can be strongly debated. I feel this article is very well thought out, but I feel like there is to much background sound effects added in it almost drags the listeners attention away, but at the same time it all fits in where it should be. The writer of t his story did a very good job on explaining his point of view but also showing the pros and cons of the discussion.

  2. This was a very interesting topic. You had very good statistics and discussed all aspects of the issue, allowing the listener to form their own education opinion on the role money plays in happiness. Your use of actualities helped to further your point and the music you used helped to keep things interesting.

  3. It is very interesting how this topic is so polarizing. The reporter was very good at showing both views, by interviewing students at Carmel High School. He was good at announcing facts. He had many good elements, and having real interviews was nice to hear, because I could hear more than one side, instead of listening to the same person for ten minutes.

  4. You can tell a lot of research went in to this project, and the information was very good. You did a great job transitioning into different topics by using popular songs, and it showed as you created a great final product.

  5. I do love the use of background effects and various textures, but it can be a bit overwhelming at times. The voice has a consistent calm energy, and the podcast is very informative. This is a good learning experience and an even show of both sides of the conflict.

  6. This has been a very informative story, not only did you provide evidence to back-up your claim but also did it efficiently.

  7. The podcast is very interesting and the topic it focuses on is a highly debated one. The broadcaster does a good job of looking at both sides of the argument and give solid, clear points for both. He looks at the issue as it was throughout history and today. I thought that gave depth to the topic, showing it has been debated for many years.

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