Candy Creation – Two Do the New Ep 1

Welcome to Two Do the New, this episode we extensively describe the making of candy and give some in depth opinions on three most loved candies of Carmel High School. The process of creating the candy had its ups and downs and had an interesting assembly and product.


7 Comments on “Candy Creation – Two Do the New Ep 1”

  1. This was pretty enjoyable and the music choice for the background was nice but the chewing noises in the background were kind of annoying. Other than that it was good and I would probably listen to another episode.

  2. Hi, I’m Skylar. I listened to your podcast and I think that talking about candy and how to make certain types (milkyways) is a really creative idea. I do have a few suggestions though. My first suggestion is to not make the sound effects so loud, they can be very irritating and while you’re listening to the podcast that loud noise might be the only thing you can think about. My second suggestion is to not talk with food in your mouth while recording (or at all). It may not seem very different to you but for a person like myself with deipnophobia and misophonia, listening to your voice without food made it very easy to distinguish the difference and it was very hard to concentrate on what the podcast was actually about. Other than those suggestions, I think that the music was subtle and a nice tone, you did a good job describing the process used to create the candy, and the story was intriguing.

  3. I liked the idea overall ,but I do think that if you had the mic not pick up the rappers cause that was really loud. But other than that it was a great idea. I really liked that you guys actually made a survey and made the candy.

  4. Great job guys, I really like the idea! I only have a few suggestions, maybe turn down the volume when you’re are opening the items or have them pre-open and maybe try not to chew with the food in your mouths. Overall great idea, loved the podcast!! 🙂

  5. First of all, I love your overall idea for this series. Picking an idea for each podcast off a “wheel of foreign” is genius in efficiency and originality. However, I do have one minor critique that is totally debatable and simply my opinion. While you were creating the homemade candy, the simple opening of wrappers or use of (I assume) bowls was really loud. It disrupted the listening experience. Otherwise, great job on the first episode!

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