Carmel’s State Ranked Chess Player

Dalton Thompson, Carmel High School sophomore and second ranked state chess player, met with WHJE’s Uma Kocherlakota to discuss the game of chess, and the way he plays it.

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  1. This is a very interesting story. Dalton is talking in a very professional tone and the whole interview seems very official. I find it very interesting how he got interested in chess and what happened to him through the game. I also like how it covers a variety of topics such as how he prepares for his tournaments and the tactics he develops. This whole interview is very well played directed through and the questions are very official. Overall this interview is made in a very professional manner.

  2. It is very interesting to hear about something that not a lot of people are seriously involved in. The questions are very good and make the interview really sound like a conversation. It is also always interesting to hear about the the different types of talents people have here at Carmel High School.

  3. Dalton and I attended the same middle school for one year in sixth grade. He was on the chess team then and did pretty well. Seeing him reach such a high level is almost surreal since i saw him playing as a young kid. I’m glad that he could find a passion in chess since he wasn’t allowed to play rugby or soccer for a short while.

  4. it was interesting to learn how he plays chess, and i felt that i learnt a few tips of playing chess. He was able to speak fluently and provide good information throughout the interview. Both the interviewer and interviewee were both good and fluent.

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