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Shockingly, 42.2 million people across the United States live in food-insecure households. To educate listeners on nationwide problem of hunger and how they can get involved, WHJEs second years created some great PSAs: Fairman   Gosselin   Heyl   Hune   Hurwitz   Klain   Wrobleski   Zachodni

Dance Marathon

Carmel Dance Marathon was held at Carmel High School on February 25th. Cabinet, one of the student government organizations hosted the event, and along with Carmel High School students, raised more than $400,000 for Riley Children’s Hospital. Matthew Gish from WHJE reports:   Photo Courtesy of Adie Yost

Acceptable Internet Use

Although it seems like a no brainer to connect to WiFi when given the opportunity, there may be rules that should be considered before connecting to different networks. WHJE third and fourth years created PSAs advocating acceptable internet use on Carmel Clay Schools networks and in other facets of life: Thruston   Fitzgerald   Crookshanks

Winter Weather Preparedness

As winter weather can become extremely dangerous, it’s important to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us. WHJE’s third and fourth year producers created a series of PSAs on the ways in which our listeners can prepare themselves for worst case scenarios: Crookshanks   Thruston   Michal

Test Anxiety

Although not many students admit it, test anxiety can severely affect their social lives and the way they perform in school. The third and fourth year students teamed up to create PSAs educating WHJE listeners on test anxiety and how to avoid it: Hardesty Kocherlakota Larkins