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Usefulness of CHS Counseling Center

Despite stigmas about the counseling center being a place where students go to get in trouble or work out their feelings with other students, it can be a very useful resource to students. WHJE’s third and fourth years created PSAs to shed light on the usefulness of the Carmel High School counseling center: Crookshanks   …

Academic Dishonesty

Studying habits that will stick with students for a lifetime begin in high school. So that’s why some of WHJE’s third and fourth years teamed up to make PSAs warning students about the possible consequences and dangers of participating in academic dishonesty: Crookshanks   Fitzgerald   Thruston   Michal    

Construction in Carmel

Construction is currently underway and set to continue on a majority of the roadways in Carmel until 2018. The third and fourth years at WHJE created PSAs to educate listeners on how to avoid traffic and road closures: Harris   Hardesty   Kocherlakota   Larkins  

Getting Involved at CHS

Research has shown that participation in extracurricular activities is a better predictor for success in adult life than college entrance examinations or grade point averages. Furthermore, CHS is home to a plethora of clubs that students can join. WHJE’s second years created PSAs on why getting involved in high school is important: Abdellah Benefiel Cocca …