Category: PSA

PSA Topic: Anonymous Alert

WHJE 2nd years produced projects on the topic of the Anonymous Alert system the school has.  Anonymous Alerts are to encourage students to report activity without the fear that they will be directly involved in a situation. Patrick Simpson Shae Rickel Autumn Larkins

PSA Topic: Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program has been in effect in Carmel since the 1970’s. Its main purpose is to provide the people of Carmel with knowledge regarding crimes in their area, and also informs them of local events that are happening throughout their community. Visit for more information on how to get involved.

PSA Topic: PDA

WHJE 2nd Years created a series of of PSAs on Public Displays of Affection lovingly referred to as PDA and how in a school of 5000 the season of dating has begun. Alex Crookshanks Kendall Fahey Ben Goldberg John Griffin Sarah Lein Ethan Sellers Joe Thruston