Charlie Harriman- Music To My Ears #4

This is the fourth episode of my podcast, Music To My Ears. For this episode, I featured Charlie Harriman. Charlie is a sophomore at Carmel High School, and he plays guitar in the jazz band, and percussion in Wind Symphony 1, which is the top band at Carmel High School. In this episode, you’ll hear about how Charlie became interested in music and about where he has found inspiration. All of the music in this episode was played by Charlie Harriman. Thanks for listening!

Produced by: Anna Nelsen


1 Comments on “Charlie Harriman- Music To My Ears #4”

  1. The set/flow of how things were delivered was really good. It is also interesting that you do kids that go to carmel. The producer, Anna Nelson, has really good vocal delivery and making her words pronounced, emphasis and also rate was really well. The interviewee didn’t have the best vocal delivery, he stumbled on his words alot, but he wasn’t trained for radio so he doesn’t fully know. Overall it was very well put together and was interesting.

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