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Dress Code – Socially Awkward #1

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Dress Code – Socially Awkward #1

Socially Awkward is a podcast exploring the controversial issues that students care most about. In the first episode, I interview people around the school about how the dress code implemented at Carmel High School impacts them directly. Produced by Maddie Harden.



  • The start of it was cool listing some issues that students care about. I like how you told people about some of your experiences with the dress code. It’s intetesting to me that the dress code is based more on girls than boys. Getting some teacher and parent stories was also cool.

  • This is a amazing idea for a podcast and I really liked the topic chosen.

  • I LOVE the fact that you decided to talk about this topic! I really like that you have so many interviews with different people. However, the beeping at the beginning was very harsh and sharp, and was not pleasant to listen to. Also during the first teacher interview the audio faded in and out, which made listening to that segment very confusing. Also, at the end when you said that teachers needed to discipline students in a non humiliating way, I would have like some examples on what you think was humiliating or not. Overall I think that this was amazingly well written and said, so awesome job!

    • Great job Maddie!!!! Great first episode, I enjoyed listening a lot 🙂

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