E-Learning Days

Electronic learning is a very new type of learning. It uses devices such as iPads and laptops to assist students with learning. These devices are also used both in and out of school. WHJE’s Dan Burkard dives deeper into this topic.

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  1. I like how he addresses both sides of whether or not E-learning is helpful for the school and community. The interviews were taken from well chosen people. There are bits from students, teachers, and board directors. His technique is also organized so that he isn’t jumping from point to point which makes his thoughts easy to follow.

  2. It’s really cool that this is something that is coming to the school system soon. As an avid technology user, using these devices would only help further our education. We would have easier access to information, we would have no need for heavy textbooks, and homework would be easier to turn in. I really can’t wait to see what the future hold for me and thousands of other Carmel students.

  3. I am really exited for this to come into place in the future for all the students at Carmel High School to take place it. I think it would further our education and could reduce the use of textbooks. On days that school is cancelled due to snow and weather, we could still participate in school work from the electronic devices. I really hope this comes into place and bring Carmel High School to the next level!!

  4. I think that using electronics at school more would help a lot for many reasons. It would be easier to access thing from school and home if our work was on a device, it has a lot more sources than just one textbook, and it also saves trees when we wouldn’t have to use a large quantity of papers every single day.

  5. I really like the topic and how the pros and cons were shown. The people that were chosen to be interviewed were all good choices and valuable to the story. The ending did a nice job of rapping the story up.

  6. Technology like iPads and laptops make learning way easier and more enjoyable, I hope that maybe by the time I graduate, this will be something that’s really common for students.

  7. The idea of an E-Learning day where students stay home and complete assignments online is an intriguing concept, and a good choice of topic. I like how there were students who have prior experience with these types of days, and how they were included in the production. The sound quality was good, and it was written well.

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