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Everything but the Kitchen sink or “EBTKS” is a WHJE live comedy talk show hosted by us, Anna, Caitlin and Makenna! This is the one live show that talks about everything and anything, we randomly draw our themes at the end of every episode and that’s our plan for the following week. The Geek Spot with Anna, Fun Facts and Jokes with Caitlin and Story Time with Mak are just a few of the fun segments that will appear on the show. This is a recap from out best moments of the last couple shows. This episode we talked about teachers, roadtrips, social media, unpopular opinions, and more! You can tune in to Everything but the Kitchen sink on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30-6:00 pm on 91.3 WHJE.

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  • Overall its a very interesting choice for a episode of EBTKS. At the beginning each of the girls seems to have a different microphone level. As the the episode continues two of the girls seem to match there volume.But one of the girls still has a little bit softer mic level making it sound like she is a little ways away from the microphone. This continues throughout the episode but gets a little bit better at the end. Overall it was good though.

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WHJE is proud to bring back an old tradition of Radio-Thon! This May, WHJE will be providing listeners with 12 straight hours of live programming in order to raise fund to improve the learning experience for our WHJE Students. WHJE Radio-Thon is not only a fundraiser, but a time for WHJE staff members to grow in their skill, take immense pride in their station while bringing the community and alumni together. Our programming would be filled with content that is completely student made. Radio-thon is by the students, for the students. By doing this fundraiser we hope to raise enough money to buy better equipment, enabling the continued success of WHJE and it’s staff members in the future.

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