eHounds Week 1

Welcome to eHounds, Carmel High School’s one stop shop for everything gaming related. Evan Ohnemus and Michael Davis bring you updates with everything from new releases to eSports and everything in between.


9 Comments on “eHounds Week 1”

  1. i like how you guys did multiple genres of games not just on League of legends (LoL) and you guys went back and forth from console to PC i like what you’ve done here and i have a question about where you get your info because it is VERY accurate.

  2. i am amazed you can do all of this id be nervous to do this and how do you get your ideas do you brainstorm or just pre-plan everything

  3. I like the way you guys sound like you are in a good mood.You keep good tone and enthusiastic feelings kinda like making u wanna pay attention.Many people have a boredom tone and don’t want to pay attention.Keep it up guys!!

  4. i like the way they are talking they seem confident about what they are talkin about.many ppl dont really care about this but they do they did a great job on this. this story is interesting to me i think.

  5. I really love the on air personality!! Great work! I would be too scared to say anything where everyone could hear me lol

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