Extrovert vs. Introvert – I Am #1

In this first episode of “I Am”, we feature multiple people who identify as extroverts, introverts, and something in between. The people mention different variations within the spectrum, and the experiences of introverts as well as extroverts. More thoughts are mentioned on the misconceptions that come with identifying as one or the other. This podcast is produced by Thea Nikolaou and Caroline Heyl.


2 Comments on “Extrovert vs. Introvert – I Am #1”

  1. The show has a great start by defining the two opposing terms that people don’t always seem to understand. The interviews are good. The voices of those being interviewed could be a bit more clear. A sound bed or some sound effect would be a great improvement from simply hearing your voices.

  2. This was really informational. The music bed at the beginning of the podcast was really nice and fit the mood and tone of the whole piece. My only critique about the music bed, is that maybe you want to play it again at the end to tie the whole thing together and finish it off nicely. Your intro was really cool. You also had really good actualities and the definitions you gave were really good.

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