Farm Fresh – Environmental #3

Do you know exactly where your food comes from? No? Then do you even WANT to know?

In this episode of Environmental, explore the ease of sustainable agriculture and why it’s so important to our growing population. Produced by Alex Crookshanks.


2 Comments on “Farm Fresh – Environmental #3”

  1. The reporters voice kept the listeners engaged in the story, and has a good strong voice. She found good stories, and sounds genuinely interested in the topic. The music in the background keeps you on the edge of your seat, and question “what is going to happen?” This story kept me engaged in the story. I learned that big farms are worse for the environment, and are basically useless. She has very good facts to support her argument.

  2. The reporter’s voice in this is very active and very nice to hear. The sourcing on this is excellent because they used sources that have to do with the subject. The reporter is really good at summarizing the last quote and leading into the next quotes. Different music tracks used to convey different feels and moods according to how the reporter wants to portray. The reporter is great at educating and keeping people listening to her podcast.

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