FBI Agents – FR411 #14

Many people are intrigued by the mystery surrounding FBI Agents. Their jobs are really interesting and can be top secret sometimes. In this episode of First Responders 411, Tatum Prati gets you the inside scoop on the “secret” life of an FBI Agent. Listen as she introduces you to Supervisory Special Agent Mike Langeman.

Produced by Tatum Prati


3 Comments on “FBI Agents – FR411 #14”

  1. Very good information brought in by the spotlight agent. The music bed seemed to come in randomly, but was well done volume wise. When the voice switches the flow gets chopped up sometimes, but you still succeeded in telling the story. I really like the interview with the FBI agent’s daughter. You did well with the information, and used the interview clips very well within script.

  2. I like how at the beginning there was a quote, not just introducing the show. Your tone is calm, but it’s like a story telling voice. The FBI agent also tells a good story. There’s small clips of music at perfect times in the piece. The music volume was good, but sometimes felt like it slowly increased in volume.

  3. i think the tone of your voice is perfect for the podcast! the questions the you asked were very on topic and interesting. its touching to hear how all of this impacts the life of so many people. there was a great choice of music that i think brought the whole thing together.

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