Feminism is a word that has caused everything from extreme hate to thousands of women coming together in support. However people have struggled with coming up with a true definition for the word and this feature is intended to educate the listener on how real women truly feel about feminism. It points out the different perspectives on what the goals of modern day feminism is and why it is still an important topic even in modern day.

2 Comments on “Feminism”

  1. I like how you had females give their definition of feminism. I agree that females should be equal and not be judged on what career they choose to do.

  2. I really liked how you recognized that there are different perceptions of what feminism means to different people, but I also noticed that nobody who opposes feminism was asked. That would’ve been a nice thing to add in so as to gain an even more well-rounded perspective. I also noticed that a lot of inaccurate statistics were cited by interviewees, such as that 97% of rapists aren’t criminally charged, or the wage gap. It would’ve been a good idea to fact-check these statements with a reliable source before including them. One thing that was said that raised a question for me was that only 20% of Congress members are women, but women are approximately 53% of the country’s population. If it’s really so integral to women that other women make up half of Congress, then wouldn’t that be the status quo, as women are the majority? Moreover, why does a politician’s gender matter if he or she is doing their job? This was definitely a thought-provoking story.

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