Fidget Spinners: Where are they now?

Fidget spinners were the most popular toys in the world for a while but where did they all go? In this episode we explore why these toys seemed to have disappeared.


7 Comments on “Fidget Spinners: Where are they now?”

  1. I really enjoyed this. It’s so true that fidget spinners have basically disappeared. I found it kind of funny that there is dramatic music in the background. I agree that they have died down because they were “stupid” and just a fad. The vocal performance was good. but there were occasionally a few awkward pauses that I would fix. I also agree with the fact the fidget spinners got popular because people were curious and satisfying.

  2. What? I did not know about this. Good use of a mysterious sound in the background. Your voice is very nice for this type of audio. Great job!

  3. Good, Interesting facts with supporting evidence. The reporters were very monotone and at times I felt like I was going fall asleep. They could have had more voice infliction to make it more exciting. The music in the background also made the tone very sad. It should be be a funny topic, as fidget spinners were a big thing in 2018, and to see where they went, should be interesting.

  4. Announcer seemed to have a legitimate interest in the subject. Their analysis on the decline of fidget spinners was very well done. Announcer’s voice reflected their interest in fidget spinners as well. I really enjoyed the integration of the fidget spinner noise as an introduction. The music attached continued to atmosphere and the feel of the podcast.

  5. I like the beginning of this. A lot of information is given and thoroughly researched. The music bed in the back gives it a very mysterious energy. Makes it grab your attention. The fidget spinner noise in the beginning was different from other podcasts I’ve heard, but definitely a good kind of different. The announcers rate was good. He had good pronunciation, and the energy in this grabs your attention.

  6. I thought this piece was produced very well. The beginning of the podcast had grabbed my attention and made me want to continue listening. The tone quality of the reporter was extremely smooth and pleasing to listen to. I enjoyed how at the start it had a mysterious vibe to it and continued to carry this theme throughout the whole piece. The reporter did a good job of making this podcast unique and interesting compared to other podcasts I have listened to.

  7. This was quite a good piece. This gave me a good laugh. It grabbed my attention.
    You had good dictation and smooth tone. thoroughly reserched

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