Flipped Learning

Flipped learning is a new form of teaching that many people are unaware of. A few teachers from Carmel High School have started to implement flipped learning into their curriculums. This piece explores many aspects of flipped learning and how it is being used in CHS.


4 Comments on “Flipped Learning”

  1. I really liked this story. Some of my teachers have mentioned wanting incorporate more aspects of flipped learning into their classroom, without really explaining what it is, so this was helpful to understand what they are trying to use in their class. I think more teachers should use flipped learning to help all students understand the material.

  2. This is an interesting thing to do a story about. Before I listened to the story, I was not expecting the topic to be very intriguing. However, the interviews and information made me think about the different possibilities of learning. Flipped learning sounds like a viable option for many classes.

  3. I really enjoyed the story, I have never heard of this “flipped learning” and this is my first time hearing about it. I think putting this new learning style into place would benefit some of Carmel’s students and looking forward to seeing it in the near future

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