Fracturing Football Show 5- Bell vs. Gurley and More Playoffs


On this edition of Fracturing Football, Jack and Noah invite back Matt Hustel and Nathan Jacobs to discuss the latest in fantasy football. This week we talk about running backs, specifically Le’Veon Bell and then Todd Gurley. At the end, we finish the show talking about changes to the playoff picture.

Photos from: Wikimedia Commons


2 Comments on “Fracturing Football Show 5- Bell vs. Gurley and More Playoffs”

  1. Your football knowledge is very good, I really like your chemistry, knowing when to stop talking, and also good transitions between topics, not staying on one topic for two long.

  2. I enjoyed the fluidity of your show, the combination of knowledge and chemistry is very good. The sound effects in the intro made the show sound very professional. your knowledge of football leads to the show sounding very well done with good transitions.

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