Glowing Greyhounds: Ashwin Sundaram

For this next episode of glowing greyhounds I have on Ashwin and he is truly a very interesting guy! So listen up if you want to hear more!

2 Comments on “Glowing Greyhounds: Ashwin Sundaram”

  1. I’m a student at clay middle school in Mr. Williams journalism class I think you did really good with the audio and the music because the audio was very clear and I could hear good. The music was good to because it peiced it together

  2. Nice recap and preview of the interview before it played. I liked how it allowed the listener the ability to understand who Ashwin was and what was to be expected on the show. Took me a while to understand that the start of the show was random questions for fun because I expected it to focus mostly on the things he does here in CHS. He was a really interesting person to learn about and made it an interesting interview that kept me on for the entire thing. Since this is on air, try to ask simple questions to allow the interviewee ability to answer and comprehend. Also try to focus on his prominence in CHS and not just things about him.

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