Glowing Greyhounds: Victoria Cater

Want to hear all about this anime loving girl? Check out this latest podcast! And if you want to be on the show. Just contact me at put glowing greyhounds in the subject box and let me know!

2 Comments on “Glowing Greyhounds: Victoria Cater”

  1. Repetitive at the beginning a lot, with her name and the name of the show. Questions at the start were extremely random but you did a good job with following up and listening to her responses to formulate new questions. However, why does her love of anime reason an entire show? Also, the focus is anime but many questions were irrelevant to anime. Many of them were related to travel or her love of other cultures, which should have been the focus of the entire interview instead. Eventually got around to anime but should have focused on one of the other because both had potential to be very interesting. Questions were sporadic after a while.

  2. I thought it was pretty interesting and very different. It was interesting to hear what she had to say and i learnt a alot about animme, that i never knew before. I thought it was very good!

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