High School YouTuber

This ‘This I believe’ discusses my personal experience with running my YouTube channel. I explain the process of producing each video, and how YouTube has affected me and my viewers. I give my reasons and examples as to why I believe anyone who wants to make YouTube videos, should.

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  1. This is very interesting and caught my attention. Right when I saw it, I wanted to listen to it. Also, I wasn’t let down once I listened to it because it was very surprising and ultimately interesting.

  2. this is so true and very interesting. i really like this sense it tells and correct people’s ideology about Gamers because one of my favorite things to do when am board is just go to YouTube and watch my favorite YouTuber and gamer and it really makes my day.

  3. Interesting concept to talk about, with a nice attention grabbing voice. Content very well written and cool how it was explained what it’s like to be on YouTube.

  4. This story surprised me. When I first started it, I was expecting a talk about gaming and youtube. This, however was not the case. Jake talked about a different side of youtube videos that people don’t think about as often. He made very good points and made me think.

  5. Wow, this story is really cool. It’s amazing how the broadcaster connects with thousands of people through YouTube. I thinks it’s interesting how people commented supportive comments on his video. The broadcast is very well organized and I especially like the beginning where he plays parts of some of his videos.

  6. It’s cool to know how youtubers make their videos and how much they enjoy it. It’s nice to see that people are not just making videos for the fame/popularity, but for fun.

  7. This is interesting because not only does he have a YouTube channel, but he has over 50,000 subscribers. It isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be but its good to see that someone from this school has found success with it.

  8. Jake really seems to understand his way through having fun playing video games while also letting others view and enjoy it over YouTube as well. He understands that the website is a big part of people’s lives, while he can have entertainment in the games that he chooses to play. He has well content and loves what he does, which is really cool. I admire that.

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