Homophobia. Everyone knows what it is. Everyone knows it happens. But not everyone knows what homophobia is to a person who has experienced it. Whje’s Autumn Larkins explores statistics and her very own homophobic experiences in this, This I Believe.

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  1. Amazing. I graduated from CHS back in 2009, and was on the radio mgmt team back then. I can’t imagine anyone creating and releasing this stuff back then. I identify as a Queer man, and like many people back then, was closeted. It’s amazing to think that in just over 7 years the culture has changed that much. Obviously, we still need more change, but it’s occurring and fast too.

    Keep being strong. Keep raising your voice. And thank you to Good Old Spil in leading this radio program and allowing this story to be shared. Far too often we are seeing these types of stories silenced and censored across the nation in schools.

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