Hound Pound Sports Talk Full Show: 2/4/16

Jack Kizer, Brady Klain, and Sam Weiderhaft discuss the latest in Carmel Greyhound Basketball featuring an interview with Junior Guard for the Lady Greyhounds, Olivia Christy and a panel discussion on the upcoming game against Lawrence North for the boys.

2 Comments on “Hound Pound Sports Talk Full Show: 2/4/16”

  1. Interesting interview but it lacked a conversational tone. It sounded like you guys were reading off of listed questions instead of listening to the responses and following up with clarifying questions. Despite that, the interview with Christy was well done and informative. The “look ahead” on their season was interesting. She did seem comfortable, however, she was occasionally confused. The questions were read quickly, making them hard to follow and some of them created more confusion than clarification.

    Listening to the discussion about the boy’s team was interesting. Everyone sounded like they knew the necessary information. Also, was not 100% Carmel biased which nice because it left the broadcast more objective.

  2. Interesting but, i felt there was a lack of emotion because it sounded a bit mixed up. I felt the interviewer was well prepared and spoke well and was able to project himself well and interview. He had good questions and was able to go into the interview very well prepared and was able to keep the conversation flowing throughout.

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