HoundBite Ep 8 – Broad Ripple Chip Company

The most unhealthy snack food in America is also one of the tastiest and that has to be the potato chip. But what if there was a company that made better tasting, artisan chips right here in central Indiana. Listen to the episode about chips and the Broad Ripple Chip Company in this eighth episode of HoundBite, a food podcast on WHJE

1 Comments on “HoundBite Ep 8 – Broad Ripple Chip Company”

  1. This is an interesting bit to do a podcast episode on! I’ve never heard of Broad Ripple Chip Company before, so this podcast gave me a good insight about a common food. I feel like the actualities of the company were a bit long, but the episode itself was good. The vocal performance was really good. I really liked it!

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