Artist: Imagine Dragons

This is a music review over the Imagine Dragons’ newish album “Smoke and Mirrors.” One of the main things shown through this album is the theme of forgiveness which is a lot different from their other albums. It has a good theme and a really catchy tune so listen in!

4 Comments on “Artist: Imagine Dragons”

  1. I enjoy the work done by Imagine Dragons, in result I was interested to learn the meaning of their new albums, and some of their best songs. The short demos of certain songs was a nice touch to when the broadcaster was explaining what they were about. Great idea to explain different band members point of views about their music. Overall, the analysis of Imagine Dragons was on point.

  2. The energy and clarity of the reporter is very fitting for the story. Also the script is very well written. One thing I would work on is transitions between songs and not having songs as music beds as it is distracting from the script.

  3. I love the music that is played on this station, the variety of music that is played on WHJE is crazy. There are songs for everyone on this station.

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