It’s Going to be a Great Vape

You go through your day and it’s stressful, but just want to relax. You go outside to vape, but people don’t realize it’s not the best thing to do. Vaping is becoming popular with this generation to come, but what really is vaping?

5 Comments on “It’s Going to be a Great Vape”

  1. I like how this broadcast explains what vaping really is and that it is vapor of cigars and cigarettes. It cleared up what it is and why it is so bad. It explains all the different social media websites that are making this popular. It helps make it known that although people might make it look cool, the health infects involved with vaping is just as bad as smoking.

  2. Provides a lot of information, and helps me understand the effects of vaping. The intro in the beginning really summarizes the story. The entire story is laid out very creatively, keeping my hooked the entire time.

  3. This was very informative. I really have no knowledge on e-cigs or anything of the sort. I’m actually very glad I learned about this because I do know people who use these kinds of things. This really motivates me to steer clear of these harmful products now that I know what’s in them.

  4. This was a really informative story. I think a lot of teens don’t realize that vaping can have negative effects on their health, and consider it a less harmful alternative to smoking. Knowing people that vape, I’m definitely more motivated to encourage them to look into the harmful effects it could have, as well as to make sure to avoid it myself. Good story.

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