Kickin’ It Old School Episode 6

In this 9th Episode of Kickin’ it Old School with Mattie Tom, CHS freshman student Georgia Griffith is interviewed. Georgia talks about her struggles as a singer and how she overcomes them through influential people like Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars. In this episode Mattie and Georgia talks about how old school artists have influenced the artists they listen to today.

2 Comments on “Kickin’ It Old School Episode 6”

  1. I like how she got the point of view from a teenager and not just people talking about how she is. Their voices sound good because it sounds real and it sounds like it’s from a real person. I like how she ended off the interview because she ended it off with talking about the listeners, but I noticed how there was a couple of iffy parts were the levels went down along with the amplitude with some of the voices that were in the audio.

  2. I’m 99% sure Mattie was able to follow all the legal and ethics rules she was supposed to follow based on listening to her interview. Mattie was able to give an enjoyable to listen to interview. I enjoyed it because it was short yet informative! The guest seemed to be somewhat quiet and distant from the microphone.

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