Carmel Tattoo Ink – MainStreet Episode 1

In the first episode of MainStreet, Mae Ban and Olivia Harris take a look inside Carmel Tattoo Ink, a tattoo shop located in the heart of downtown Carmel. We spoke with owner, Adam French and shop guy and piercer Tyler Murray. To find out what really goes on in the shop. Take a listen!

Produced by: Mae Ban and Olivia Harris


2 Comments on “Carmel Tattoo Ink – MainStreet Episode 1”

  1. The actualities are plentiful and they do a great job capturing the feel of Carmel Tattoo Ink. Also the background on the story of tattoos provide a great background on the topic. There’s a little bit of repetition on the actualities which could be perceived as irritating to the listener. The only bad part about the vocal performance is that there are a lot of plosives. The writing style is very well done because it uses many aspects of actualities from the shop.

  2. I like how you gave a background about tattoos, so we could get to know more about tattoos. I like how you go back and forth from your voice to his. You has a couple of plosives but overall the writing style was good and voice was clear.

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