The New Take on Select Sound

A new group has been formed in the Carmel High School choir department. With this new addition in the 2015 school year, Carmel now has our first A Cappella choir group. Though they’ve had struggles getting their feet off the ground, Select Sound hopes to have a productive first year.

Sarah Biette

Carmel’s performing arts department has a very diverse and dedicated support base. One of the most influential students involved in these activities is Sarah Biette. Not only is she a leader of Rising Stars, but she is also a member of the Accents choir and a frequent performer in our school’s theatre productions.

College Interview Voxpop

Representatives of many colleges visit CHS to meet with students during SRT. Many of these representatives were interviewed by WHJE and asked why CHS students should attend those Universities. This piece highlights parts of the responses of several representatives. You can visit the rest of to hear complete versions of all of the interviews of college representatives.


Thomas Walsh of the Irish Band Pugwash

Thomas Walsh is the lead singer and songwriter of the Irish classic pop band Pugwash. Since their first album came out in 1999, Pugwash has maintained a small but loyal following, mostly touring around Ireland and England. The past year has seen their first introduction to the states with their new album Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends). When they visited Carmel on their tour of the US, Patrick Simpson had the opportunity to talk with Thomas about the album, his experience in America, and more.

Bonjour to Hello

Carmel High School hosts many foreign exchange students each year. This year, Léo Ruesche, a French exchange student, is visiting the US and attending Carmel High School. He joined me and shared some cultural differences as well as what it is like to be here in the United States.

It’s Not Just a Game

Carla Baker has been involved with sports, especially soccer, her whole life. First as a goalkeeper and then a coach. She is currently one of the goalkeeper coaches and the junior varsity team coach at Carmel High School for the Lady Hounds soccer team. She talked with me about her experiences with soccer and how they’ve affected her.