NLJE Season 2- Breaking Down the Brackets 1

On the first show of the second season of NLJE, Noah Lichtenberg and Jack Edwards along with Luke Donovan and Spencer Fleischer break down the latest in March Madness news to get you prepared for making a bracket. Listen in as they discuss potential sleepers, who they believe will be 1 seeds and who they have going all the way to the Final Four.

Desert Island Disks – Keloe Sefo

Amanda Winkle, mother of interviewer Keloe Sefo, talks about what luxuries she would take
with her if she were deserted on an island. She talks about one book, and three songs/podcasts
she would take with her.

Produced by Keloe Sefo

Desert Island Disc- Mrs. Halevi

For this project, I decided to interview someone with the purpose of finding out what internally motivates them. After some thought, I figured the best way to get to someone’s core was to give them a series of hypothetical situations they hadn’t thought of before. My thinking is that if someone is put on the spot, with little time to think, they use their instincts to answer, rather than give a formulated answer. This led me to find some interesting things about how my own mother views her family.

Project by: Harel Halevi