Woody’s Library – Success #1

In this episode of Success, I talked to Kerry Besaw, bartender and manager of Woody’s Library Restaurant. Woody’s Library Restaurant is a business in the Arts and Design District of Carmel, Indiana. There is a lot of history behind it, so in this episode, I will inform you on the history of Woody’s, and how the business operates.

Produced by: Anna Nelsen


Vending Machines – Everything Education #2

Everything Education is a podcast about a variety of problems and issues facing not only the students here at Carmel High School, but also high school students across the United States.  In this episode, we talk about the importance of vending machines in schools and how changing student culture is affecting them.

Produced by: Ben Goldberg


Carmel Tattoo Ink – MainStreet Episode 1

In the first episode of MainStreet, Mae Ban and Olivia Harris take a look inside Carmel Tattoo Ink, a tattoo shop located in the heart of downtown Carmel. We spoke with owner, Adam French and shop guy and piercer Tyler Murray. To find out what really goes on in the shop. Take a listen!

Produced by: Mae Ban and Olivia Harris


Climate Change – Pop Poli #1

Pop Poli is a podcast about politics. It is focusing on this year’s presidential election and shows the point of view of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on specific topics. This episode focuses on their opinions on climate change in America.

Produced by: Kendall Fahey


Nick Smith – Hidden Beat 1

On the first episode of the Hidden Beat, we interviewed sprinter, Nick Smith about what he does and who he is and why. What crafted who his is as a person and why the event affected him. In this episode we will explore life in his viewpoint and the philosophy that he lives by every day.