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To Pay or Not to Pay

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To Pay or Not to Pay

Jesse Smith takes a break from Carmel Sports to bring the great debate to the airwaves. In “To Pay or Not to Pay” the listener will be taken on a journey on what will for sure shake up college athletics for the rest of time. Smith takes a look at what will happen to recruiting, scholarships, and what really is the value of a college education. Will there be such thing as recruiting? Will scholarships still be relevant? Will college sports keep its purity? These questions answered and more in “To Pay or Not to Pay”.

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  • Radio Lab G4

    The issue presented in this production was whether or not the NCAA should allow colleges to pay athletes, and what could happen if they were in fact given payment. The purpose behind the production was essentially to prove that paying college athletes would ruin college athletics as a whole. Overall, I thought the sound quality and production techniques used in this project were both highly effective, and I especially enjoyed the intro with various bits of sports announcing. It did a great job of setting the stage. The argument presented by the host was also quite effective, and it made me really think that maybe college athletes shouldn’t receive payment.

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