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To Pay or Not to Pay

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To Pay or Not to Pay

Jesse Smith takes a break from Carmel Sports to bring the great debate to the airwaves. In “To Pay or Not to Pay” the listener will be taken on a journey on what will for sure shake up college athletics for the rest of time. Smith takes a look at what will happen to recruiting, scholarships, and what really is the value of a college education. Will there be such thing as recruiting? Will scholarships still be relevant? Will college sports keep its purity? These questions answered and more in “To Pay or Not to Pay”.


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    The issue presented in this production was whether or not the NCAA should allow colleges to pay athletes, and what could happen if they were in fact given payment. The purpose behind the production was essentially to prove that paying college athletes would ruin college athletics as a whole. Overall, I thought the sound quality and production techniques used in this project were both highly effective, and I especially enjoyed the intro with various bits of sports announcing. It did a great job of setting the stage. The argument presented by the host was also quite effective, and it made me really think that maybe college athletes shouldn’t receive payment.

  • In this production, sports announcer Jesse Smith took an in-depth look on the issue of paying scholar athletes involved in the NCAA. Jesse did a fantastic job of considering all possible outcomes for the payment of these students. I liked his infusion of sound bites from sporting events to the beginning of the package. I think the story brings up an interesting topic of debate, and it seems just about everyone has a way to look at the issue. Jesse informed the listener on not only his opinion, but on facts that surround the decision. I think the music beds that were towards the end of the segment could be taken out, but overall, I thought it was very professional and well done.

  • This podcast left a very good impression on me. I liked how how the host took a view from all angles such as the musicians and smaller sports players. I agree as well about how their should not be payment. Thank you for providing the truth about what would happen with pay. I would hate to see the Kentucky’s and Duke’s get even more highly talented players than they do anyway. Especially when they are there because of money.

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    This podcast is taking the position that paying college students for athletics will ruin athletics. For one thing, it would ruin the divide between low-funded teams and high-funded teams. The introduction with snippets of sports was well done, and it set the scene. Recruiting would be completely ruined, as athletics would turn into a bidding war that a good amount of colleges simply cannot afford, over teenagers!

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    I really did like the podcast. The podcast was telling us about how if collage’s payed their students for their athletic abilities, it could potentially die off recruiting and the players would only join the collage that payed them the most. Which some collages couldn’t afford in its own right. I really did like how the podcast not only gave his opinion, but also gave the listener facts that were important to the story.

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    This podcast provides a good topic for debate on whether college athletes should be paid or not. This story was well-produced and grabs the attention of the audience with the various sound clips taken from different sporting events. Everyone has a different viewpoint on the issue but Jesse expertly provides facts that can help defend his opinion on the matter. Overall, Jesse did a great job on maintaining a professional sound throughout the story.

  • This Podcast was leaving a great point as to how athletes would care more about earning money in college as a football, basketball, etc., then the kids education. Along with that being said, colleges would simply just be throwing there money out the door paying for players that could only stay there for a year and be done, along with the students that won’t get drafted into a professional sports, that college just basically gave that kid money to play that sport for that certain amount of years and hope he has a great life. This podcast was very informative on this debate but I don’t think the NCAA will be changing anything.

  • In my opinion, I think this story is produced and done very well and has clearly put in great amounts of time into finding their opinions and backing them up very well with examples that fit the bill for the opinion in question. They also did a good job of telling how it would screw up the whole college sports process if athletes would be able to accept money. Overall this was a very well made and thought out story.

  • I am going more towards the side of “Not to Pay”. When students get a full on scholarship to that college, that is technically the college paying you any way. It costs nearly $40,000 for a single semester! That is getting your salary right there. I honestly think it would ruin the experience of the NCAA sports. It would be more about “Which college would pay me more” rather than “Which college would benefit my future?” People these days are gold diggers! They only look what’s in it for them rather than the future of their life. Its not about the money, its about having fun and doing what you do best!

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    This Podcast explains why paying college sport players is a bad idea, and clearly not allowed. It would only cause problems, one of which that is explained is that it’s against the rules to recruit players if they are paid. The podcast then goes on to explain how they would then have to figure out how to pay players, would it be even pay for all players or on performance is a big issue. The podcast then explains how it would cause teenagers or adults just starting out to be involved in a bidding war for them to join different colleges which would devalue the education in the first place. This podcast brings up good points and stays at a time length that isn’t lengthy for all the information it has.

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    This broadcast by Jesse Smith talks about how paying college athletes would ruin college athletics. Smith makes multiple fair arguments while discussing this topic. First off, he makes a great point on how the most profitable programs are the only ones who benefit because it becomes a bidding war between the best programs in the country. Once it becomes a bidding war, the kid isn’t choosing what school fits him/her best. They are picking the school that will pay the most. This broadcast points out hard facts. Which while doing a broadcast based on clashing opinions, those are the difference makers in the winner and the looser.

  • I really like this podcast because it is something I feel strongly about. I think that college athletes should not be payed for their talent brought to the sport. I feel this way because if a school is paying someone to play for them, the athlete will go to whatever school is going to pay them more. Student-athletes should choose a school that will get them a good education for later in life and a school that will allow them to enjoy the sport they love. I play soccer and I would love to go to school for my sport but I am more focused on my education. I am going to pick a school that will allow me to play soccer but will focus more on my grades and learning. If college athletes are being payed for their “services” then they will lose track of their learning and focus more on training, when in reality the education will probably get them further in life.

  • The organization of this program make the story very easy to understand. I personally enjoyed learning about the subject of paid athletes in college. It does seem that paying athletes isn’t a very fair thing to do. In my opinion, it takes away the meaning of the sports when making these into sort of battle where people bid against each other. The attention getter, music, and constant energy of the announcer keep the story entertaining and at the same pace the whole way through.

  • This podcast is discussing the speculation around paying college athletes. Jesse Smith personally believes that paying these college athletes would ruin college athletics for everyone. He uses numbers and statistics, as well as logic to support his claim. I agree with him saying that paying the athletes for being great at their sport and not financially supporting other artists and intelligent scholarly people. Paying these athletes also ruins the idea of playing a sport to improve upon yourself. Now the motivation to play these sports would be coming from a financial place. And finally, if college athletes are already getting a scholarship that covers attending the college and more, they wouldn’t additionally need money for playing that sport at the college. It would just make everything more competitive.

  • This story talks about the debate about paying college athletes. I agree with the statement not to pay college athletes because college athletics makes enough money already. Also, it would take away smaller schools because bigger D1 schools would be able to recruit more players. In addition, if college athletes were paid it would take away scholarships. This story was produced very well, with clear sound. Jesse Smith makes a great point.

  • The sound effects at the beginning of the story were very appropriate and they caught the audiences attention from the very first few seconds. Throughout the entire story he held his ground and brought up many strong and verified points to support his case. There were points were music beds would occur at awkward times. These times were slightly distracting, but they had little impact on the overall effect of the story. He seemed to have a slight monotone emotion throughout, but he approached this serious matter very well prepared. This story was a success. It informed the listener and very clearly stated his opinion.

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