PSA Topic: Animal Safety

As winter begins in Indiana, it is important to keep animals safe from the dangers of weather and wild animals. Coyotes are a danger that as more housing is being built in Carmel, more coyotes show up in the city looking for food.  Unfortunately we have our pets in a vulnerable situation where they can be preyed upon, not only by coyotes but the cold weather, but how can we keep them safe?

12 Comments on “PSA Topic: Animal Safety”

  1. Very informative, thx for the info. Now I know to be careful. I always wondered why so many animals were lost around this time.

  2. I thought this was an interesting broadcast! It gave me more information about coyotes and how they can harm animals. I did not know most of the things you mentioned in the broadcast. ☺

  3. This was very informative and had very good information. It was very well scripted but I did not think that the music matched and it was a little distracting.

  4. Great information! I enjoyed the audio and it sounded very professional. I’ll remember the tips to keep my pet safe.

  5. This was a very informational broadcast, but the music didn’t match the message. It also didn’t sound like you were very interested in what you were saying, but overall I liked this story.

  6. These were very helpful tips to keep your pets safe. I know that this problem has gotten much bigger over the last couple of years and thanks to these tips, now people know how to protect their pets.

  7. A simple, helpful, and informative piece that includes helpful tips for owners to protect their pets. The music doesn’t really match the mood of the story but isn’t terrible to include. Maybe next time with a serious piece like this just use more chill and slow down music to draw the listener in. However, the context of the story is helpful and beneficial to know. Protect your pup!

  8. Love the audio sound, very professional. I have a dog that is outside all the time, and sometimes I worry about coyotes. Save the dogs and puppies!

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