PSA Topic: Anonymous Alert

WHJE 2nd years produced projects on the topic of the Anonymous Alert system the school has.  Anonymous Alerts are to encourage students to report activity without the fear that they will be directly involved in a situation.

Patrick Simpson

Shae Rickel

Autumn Larkins

2 Comments on “PSA Topic: Anonymous Alert”

  1. The broadcast was very organized and well-wrought (as well as informative and helpful), and the interview with the student[s] were well formatted and clear. However, on the more critique side, the guitar strumming at the end of the broadcast seemed to add a nonchalant attitude to the solemnity and informative side of the article.

  2. Second broadcast (Autumn Larkins). Very helpful, with serious touches and interesting information. The broadcast seemed to show another point of the Anonymous Alert system, but it is sort of a cliché when the phone comes on.

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