Sports Department Feature

The WHJE Sports Department has an incredible presence at our station. They routinely bring in listeners for all of their sporting event broadcasts as well as for their many shows, features, and interviews. This program gives an inside look to the sports department and what it means to them to be a part of this group.


2 Comments on “Sports Department Feature”

  1. I love your coverage of football games. I live too far away to watch my grandsons play so I tune in faithfully every Friday night to listen instead. you do a great job announcing the names of the receivers, running backs and QB’s in each offensive play. However I’d really appreciate it if you could identify the names of defensive players who have made the tackles, sacks, etc.
    Without this information I don’t get to hear when my grandson is doing on each play. I learn after the game that he had many important plays. So it it would be a better experience for many of us who must listen in place of attending the games.
    Thank you for the coverage!

  2. I thought she had a lot of good interviews on the staff members. She had some really good questions, and I love how the interviewees gave some cool background information on what there routine before they go on air. Also, I like how she interviewed people who are the future of the program such as Griffin Gonzalez.

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