Stereotype Me: Carmel Kids

On this new series, Stereotype Me, Autumn Larkins and Bhavi Sarda examine the stereotypes that surround certain groups of people and how these stereotypes have shaped them.  This episode follows Carmel Kid Alec Owens and how he navigates being a Carmel kid.


2 Comments on “Stereotype Me: Carmel Kids”

  1. I like how they start it with the most common stereotypes. The interview is really good and you can hear it very well. A cool use of sound effects. I thought the way this story develops is really cool too.

  2. In this podcast they discuss the life of a Carmel kid and discuss the stereotypes that they face everyday. They get the perspective of other people on what they were given. They were told how they are rich, spoiled, snobby, and rude kids. The way they tell the story is very descriptive. They get the perspective of other students and what they think. The intro to this podcast was very well written in how the students gave examples of what everyone has. Even though this podcast was mainly an interview the sound design was good making the student of the interview the main focus and make his voice the center of attention.

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