Stranger Danger

Thousands of kids go missing each day. Some of those kids are taken by strangers. In order to remind kids to stay safe and look out for anyone who seems suspicious, Tatum Prati asked them about stranger danger.

3 Comments on “Stranger Danger”

  1. I enjoy the idea behind this a lot. Being able to know through kid’s eyes how they see strangers is a necessary part in knowing about children’s safety around strangers. The script that was used I feel was very intuitive and concise, which I credit to the writer. The announcer did a good job introducing this story, however brief their part was in the actual story, I feel that their job was done effectively and well. However, they did sound a little monotone in their own voice, but I feel like that can be easily fixed.

  2. This story is full of great real life examples of what kids should do if a stranger approaches them or offers them something, and I enjoy how the writer asked children what they would do if they were in a situation with one of the strangers. The writer did a very good job choosing the right questions to ask, and showing background information. I believe this story has a very strong introduction grabbing the readers attention.

  3. I really liked this story because it shows you how even ones younger than high school kids know what to do. I enjoyed this story because it opened your mind to what other kids would do in that sort of situation. one thing that would have made this so much better was a music bed at the start and end to grab the listeners attention. Other than that this story was very interesting and fun to listen to.

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