Stressing Out – An Inside Perspective 3

High school students all across the country are reporting school as a significant source of stress in their lives. In this episode of an inside perspective join three of these stressed students as they describe what school pressure means and what role it plays in their character and development.


2 Comments on “Stressing Out – An Inside Perspective 3”

  1. Great job talking about the meaning and experience of stress. I can totally relate to all this. Stress can be very bad, it can really make an impact on your job and/or friendships. I agree with the solutions the kids bring up on what the teachers can do to reduce stress for students.

  2. Nice storytelling! your use of music beds sets the mood and your transitions were well done. Your writing style was well done, you did well to incorporate openers and then follow with well fitting actualities. The sound design was very well done, the use of sound beds to make certain points of the store much more powerful and interesting. Vocal performance was well done and you did well to balance all the different interviews.

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