Thank you to our supporters during Radiothon 2018!

WHJE would like to thank the following people who helped us reach our goal during Radiothon 2018:

Griffin Gonzalez
John Griffin
Dominic James
Cynthia Meneghini
Elyas Musleh
David Paxton
Emily Pattyn
Jennifer Courtney
Jeff Smulya
Robert & Sara Draper
Andrew Weixler
Dominic James
Sherri Klain
Andrew Gostomelsky
Lio Krieger
Dominic James
Anna Nelsen
Jessica Carlson
Jennifer Nelsen
Artemis Nikolaou
Karen Elliott
Ellen Considine
Kenneth Johnson
Nicole Hebert
Elise May
Noah Sarff
Kendall Fahey
Lisa Vernick
Brandyn Ohrvall
Michelle Himelstin
Neil Weiderhaft
Andrew Weixler
Hector Gonzalez
Greg McDonald
Sreedar Kocherlakota
Aiden Lovell
Dominic James
Nancy Foulk
Robin Wrobleski
Carrie Gaerte
Kat Cooper
Bob & Diana Abdellah
Indy & Rosie Abdellah
Jodi Miller
Rachel Lacy
Joe Abdellah
Jill Lacey
David Pittman
Natalie Harris
Jackson Ammons
Emily Lichtenberg
Janet Miller
Richard & Gwen Knipstein
Paul Martingdale
Lisa Gonzalez
Carmel Athletic Department

With their support WHJE can continue to make superb, student made work.

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