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The Art of Football

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The Art of Football

Football is a silly sport. There are so many rules and regulations that go along with it. These are some of the things that Carmel High School students find funny or confusing about football.


  • I liked this article as it showed the complexity of football, however I feel like the people being interviewed is a biased audience, as there are many people that understand all the rules and regulations of football.

  • Football, like all sports, has a point it. The common misconception is that the point of football is just too tackle and dog-pile the other team. When in reality it is much more complex. That is just one aspect, in a very dumb-downed form. Realistically, couldn`t you say that about any sport? It all comes down to preference to what is interesting and what is isn`t.

  • I really enjoy this story, but I feel like the person who read the script dragged the words on a little longer than they should’ve at the beginning. I also feel like all the questions are the right ones to be asked because they are often question I ask about football myself. The group that did this story had a very strong lead with sound effects that really dragged in the listener making me want to hear more about the topic.

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