3 Comments on “The Art of Football”

  1. I liked this article as it showed the complexity of football, however I feel like the people being interviewed is a biased audience, as there are many people that understand all the rules and regulations of football.

  2. Football, like all sports, has a point it. The common misconception is that the point of football is just too tackle and dog-pile the other team. When in reality it is much more complex. That is just one aspect, in a very dumb-downed form. Realistically, couldn`t you say that about any sport? It all comes down to preference to what is interesting and what is isn`t.

  3. I really enjoy this story, but I feel like the person who read the script dragged the words on a little longer than they should’ve at the beginning. I also feel like all the questions are the right ones to be asked because they are often question I ask about football myself. The group that did this story had a very strong lead with sound effects that really dragged in the listener making me want to hear more about the topic.

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