The Breaking Point Week 47: Someone tried to steal WHAT???

2017 is already one of the craziest years ever and Jackson and Ethan are here to break it down. The Inauguration is coming up, Emojis are developing meanings and giant dinosaur alligators are threatening society!

9 Comments on “The Breaking Point Week 47: Someone tried to steal WHAT???”

  1. The story is hilarious, and it moves along well. I think that the levels are good too, but sometimes you can hear how the people talking are not right in front of the mic. I like how they updated the listeners on current events, but I wasn’t really interested in it. Overall I liked listening to the show, but I would have like more of the game show stuff, that they did at the very end.

  2. The legal and ethnic decisions are well nothing of wrong doing.
    The story telling process is so unique and it is so funny. They make you feel like you are actually there and its really cool.
    The writing style makes it conversational and it’s like key points they write down and just talk their own way through it and make it unique.
    The sound design is well, the levels are great and the sfx come in every once in a while and its not distracting and you can still focus on their voice
    The vocal performance is well done, it’s conversational and does not sound scripted.

  3. I like how they had their own stories to share on top of stories in the news. There was a lot of energy and it was really interesting. Their voices were clear and easy to understand. The stories were relevant and timely.

  4. They have a real nice feel to the show and are really conversational with their tone. The way they sound vocally is really good, they again sound very conversational. They way they tell all of the stories make it very interesting. They bring a great feel to the show and overall do a great job.

  5. I like how they keep the talking going and don’t have awkward breaks in their conversation. It has a good upbeat vocals. They did come onto some controversial topics such as Donald Trump. They brought up a lot of interesting topics and stories.

  6. I don’t know if its OK to talk about Jesus. I like how the broadcasters don’t stop talking about the story, and that they try to keep the story going even when they get off track onto another story. their writing style is funny like they are trying to be funny and communicate with the listeners. their voices were very realistic, but Jackson sounded like he was being a little over dramatic, the guy with the comments kind of like in the background is funny. The vocal performance was good because it sounds like the broadcasters are talking to us not talking at us, like it sounds like we are in the conversation

  7. I enjoyed how comfortable and candid everyone on the show was. Not only that but I enjoyed how into it everyone is, sometimes people got to close to the mic though. While it was very humorous nothing was offensive or illegal, which is good. I loved the topics, it was hilarious because it wasn’t just current events but it was also personal stories that I can relate to and it moved along at an easy pace. I really enjoyed it.

  8. The tones of all their voices are very comfortable/conversational and the friendly joking makes it very fun to listen to. As far as talking about Betty White it may be considered a little mean and perhaps unethical. They did a good job segueing into different comments/stories and it had a very genuine conversational flow. I’m not sure if there is a set script that they stick to because the conversation sounds too organic.

  9. Everything sounds good and professional, good legal and ethically decisions. Messed up his words a bit but besides that, very professional sounding. Story was funny and I really enjoyed it. Everything sounds conversational and they all had great delivery.

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